A beautiful fall, I accidentally met Red-breasted Goose in 1998, in a time when I was an inveterate hunter. My only dream was to shut the poor geese, so I was fallowing impatiently their long row flying.
During a hunt, my rifle had an amazing “victim”: a beautiful small bird, black-eyes beaded, a gorgeous feather blue-black and red-scarlet. Astonished, stunned, I started looking for info about my unprecedented catch, felt from the sky: the Red-breasted Goose-Branta Ruficollis. As I learned more about these birds, I started admiring them. I love their flight or their hoot: ki-kiu, ki-kiu.

So, I finally gave-up the hunting of geese, and I am now a new elated bird-watcher. The fresh air, the vast plain , the haze , those are a healthy pursuit and a self-educational hobby.
I expect the migration, the geese arrival, each year and I wish for all other people, to understand the real status of wild geese in Roumania. It is, after all, our duty.
Just trying to survive, Red-breasted Goose and Great White-fronted Goose (Anser Albifrons), arrive in Roumania to feed during the winter. In late spring the geese start migrating thousands of miles to their breeding places- in far Siberian plains.

The status of Red breasted goose is: endangered species. The purpose of the geese monitoring was to establish that , their number is dwindled each year. In Roumania the hunting of Red breasted goose is prohibited. Through this blog I try to inform as many people possible about the dramatic situation of this birds.
Launching a call, I hope with all my heart that all the birds lovers together with the experts and the authorized organizations, we will manage to save Branta Ruficollis, The Red Breasted Goose.

Name: Calin Nicu
Tel: 0040722.33.22.56.
Mail: nicu.calin@cert-accommodation.ro
Address: Bld.Unirii, Nr.74, Bl.J3B, Sc.A, Ap.6, Bucuresti, Romania.

M-am intalnit intamplator cu GASCA CU GAT ROSU, in 1998, intr-o toamna cetoasa, pe vremea cand eram un vanator inrait. Visam doar sa impusc “sarmanele gaste” si urmaream nerabdator sirurile lor lungi de zbor.
In cadrul unei astfel de iesiri, cu scop ucigas, pustii mele i-a cazut “victima”, o minunata pasare, micuta, cu ochii de margea neagra, cu un penaj splendid: negru-albastrui si un stralucitor rosu-stacojiu.

Uimit ,impresionat ,am inceput sa caut informatii despre inedita mea prada, cazuta din cer: GASCA CU GAT ROSU -BRANTA RUFICOLLIS-lat.
Pe masura ce aflam mai multe despre aceste pasari, m-am pomenit respectandu-le, admirandu-le.
Am invatat sa le iubesc zborul si strigatul lor:Ki-Kiu,Ki-Kiu.

Am renuntat astfel definitiv la vanatoarea de gaste, dar imi iubesc indeletnicirea de bird-watching in aerul curat, pe campiile vaste – pasiune sanatoasa , hobby auto-educativ.
Le astept sosirea in fiecare an si imi doresc ca toti ceilalti oameni, mai mult sau mai putin interesati , sa inteleaga situatia reala a gastelor salbatice,ce ne viziteaza tara. Incercand doar sa supravietuiasca, GASCA CU GAT ROSU (BRANTA RUFICOLLIS) si Garlita mare (Anser albifrons), sosesc in Romania pentru a se hrani pe timpul iernii, urmand ca in primavara sa migreze mii de kilometrii catre locurile de inmultire, Rusia-Nordul Siberiei.

GASCA CU GAT ROSU (BRANTA RUFICOLLIS) este considerata de specialisti specie pe cale de disparitie, numarul lor scazand dramatic in fiecare an, la fiecare numarare, la fiecare monitorizare. In Romania este specie ocrotita prin lege,vanatoarea fiind interzisa. .
Sper din toata inima, ca pe aceasta cale, sa informez cat mai multi oameni despre situatia dramatica in care se afla GASCA CU GAT ROSU  (BRANTA RUFICOLLIS) si poate, impreuna cu specialistii si organizatiile abilitate sa contribuim la salvarea acestei specii.

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  1. Dear Mr. Calin Nicu,

    I am the photographer of nature, from the Czech Republic. During all seasons of the year, I have been taking photos of birds located in Danube delta for several years. Indeed, I am interested in these beautiful birds. Yet so far, I have failed to come accross them. I would highly appreciate if you have time to meet with me in winter to show them to me or to provide me with the data.

    Off course, I will publish information concerning your project on my website in order to support your initiative.

    I am looking forward to the news from you.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Best regards,

    Jan Veber

    Comment by Jan Veber — December 21, 2009 @ 6:56 pm

  2. Yes Nicu,
    Indeed, Jan is a good guy. He already visited Branta Birding Lodge in Bulgaria and he will stay at our lodge next January too.
    Merry Christmas!
    Pavel Simeonov
    Co-leader of the Red-breasted Goose Bulgaria-U.S. core project group

    Comment by Pavel Simeonov — December 25, 2010 @ 10:21 am

  3. mi-a placut foarte mult pozele tale cu gaste!


    Comment by ariton — February 1, 2011 @ 11:34 am

  4. fotografii foarte interesante! abia astept sa merg cu tine sa facem fotografii! ariton !

    Comment by ariton — February 1, 2011 @ 11:39 am

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