13 January 2013;  Location: Vama Veche, near Mangalia  city, Constanta county, Romania:
4 000 White-fronted Geese, counted  on crop of winter wheat.
The RED-BREASTED GEES have the roost on the sea, Black sea, and small part of them on Durankulak lake( Bulgaria).
Important news on Facebook page of Red-breasted Goose International Working Group ( http://www.facebook.com/notes/red-breasted-goose-international-working-group/a-record-count-of-red-breasts-in-bulgaria-during-the-iwc/402117716542603)  „ The International Waterbird Census last weekend was marked by a record count of wintering Red-breasted Geese in Bulgaria. On 13 January, teams from BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria and WWT undertook an especially comprehensive count, covering more than 40km of coastline as well as the main roosts at Shabla and Durankulak SPAs. The provisional total of 54,000 Red-breasts is the highest winter count since the late 1990s. The current population estimate is 50,000 individuals, which suggests practically the whole global population was in Bulgarian Dobrudzha during the IWC count. Colleagues at our Romanian partner ROS/BirdLife Romania found just 800 birds in the traditional wintering grounds in the Danube Delta, furthering supporting the idea that the whole population was concentrated in northeast Bulgaria.”

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